Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2010

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship features the worlds best pilots in a precision-flying motorsport competition based on speed, courage and skill.

Our pilots are all aerobatic aces, but this isn't aerobatics. Faster and more agile than a Formula One car, our ultra-lightweight, hand-built racing planes fly through a low-level slalom track at speeds reaching 370 km/h, inducing forces of up to 12 G.

Eight cities on five continents host the Red Bull Air Race in 2010, and each event is unique. From the heart of the metropolis to wide-open countryside, over land or water, there are few limits to where a Red Bull Air Race can take place. Spectacular backdrops and precision flying astonish our guests time and time again as they witness the fastest, most innovative and exciting competition in the wide world of motorsport.

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red BULL AIR Race hospitality world championship

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